Highland Liquor Company

Highland spirit

The Highland Liquor Co. has grown from the village of Ullapool; just as the village grew from the 1788 fishing station planned on the shores of Loch Broom. Ullapool is a place of significant geographical and geological note; known as the gateway to the Scotland's first Unesco Geopark. We simultaneously created the identity for Highland Liquor Co. and the packaging of its flagship product, Seven Crofts Gin. A croft is the Scottish name for a small farm - the naming of the first product from Highland Liquor Co. is a direct reference to the original settlement on which the modern-day village is built. The bespoke glass, inspired by traditional Dutch Jenever bottle-shapes, displays a green gradient to represent Ullapool as the place where the land meets the sea. The ridged bottle design represents both the ploughed furrows on the crofts and the ripples of the sea.