Wellpark Brewery

Putting Tennent's Lager on the map

It was early 2014 and the Commonwealth Games were coming to town. Tennent Caledonian’s Wellpark Brewery would, thanks to its position on the main road from the city centre to the athlete’s village and some of the Games’ principal arenas, be more in the public eye than ever before. The objective was to raise public awareness of the brewery and bring more people into the Tennent’s Tour. Tennent’s was not an official Games sponsor so a key challenge was to create the perception that Tennent’s was at the heart of the party without falling foul of strict Games sponsorship rules. With a heritage spanning 450 years, Tennent’s as a brand has a strong personality and an image-rich visual story. It has an emotional connection to the city and its people. We commissioned graffiti artist Smug to bring the potted history of Tennent’s to life on the brewery’s external wall along the main thoroughfare to the Games. Then we thought about how we could use the brewery itself to create large-scale, visually impactful installations that would catch both the spirit of the brand and the eyes of the public. We converted beer vats into giant cans and pints, installed a huge neon T and made a non-descript wall look like a traditional pub.